HybridKillersIn the year 2045 human population is at an all time high. Fifteen billion humans now occupy Earth. Cars litter the streets as well as trash. The skies are dark with pollution and the sun is blocked, creating a cold atmosphere.

Scientists genetically altered thousands of humans into the ultimate killing machines. One day of every week they are released to kill anyone they encounter. No one knows what day or what time. They are emotionless beings that never hesitate to kill. It’s their orders, the only thing they’ve ever known.

When an encounter with a Killer goes wrong and Dani ends up kidnapped. She’s forced into a life she wants no part of. Working for a government she wished she didn’t know existed.

All she wants is to be home again, hacking her way into restricted areas, but when she doesn’t hide her tracks properly, she brings a war to her new home.