Building Eight: The Terms and Conditions

Jack stares at the last line of the terms and conditions. He surprised himself when he actually decided to read it. But the last line has him hesitating to sign the line below.

Failure to comply will be a matter of national security and will result in death.

Some of the rules were crazy. One of them stated that he couldn’t tell anybody about this internship. He hadn’t yet but what was he going to tell his family when he disappeared for the summer? And another rule said he wasn’t to have any contact with the outside world during the internship either. His mom would most definitely want to talk to him about his progress.

Now he had to think of a lie. And his mother was the best to detect lies. Maybe she won’t over the phone. But was he really going to sign on the line? Should he? Too bad he can’t talk about this with anyone.

Jack rereads the last line again.

Failure to comply will be a matter of national security and will result in death.

He signs his name.

“Hey Mom,” Jack says.

“Jacky, I’m so excited. Did you get it?”

Jack grimaces. He had told his mother that he was taking a big step in following his dreams. But he didn’t tell her anything about it just in case he got her hopes up and didn’t get accepted into NASA.

He paces his small kitchen. “Yeah, um, I did. But-”

“Yay!” She calls for Jack’s father.

“But Mom, I can’t tell you what it’s for.” She falls silent. “It’s really confidential.”

“You’re not working for the government are you?” She scolds. “You know what we think of the government.”

Jack holds in his sigh. “Yeah I know. It’s not for the government. But I won’t have any option to call you during the summer. It’s like a dead zone or something.”

“Stay safe, Jacky.”

“I will, Mom. Love you.”

“Love you too.”

Jack hangs up the phone and leans on the kitchen counter. He releases his sigh.

Jack picks up the document with his signature. He doesn’t have to send it. He doesn’t have to go. He shakes his head. I’m not going to leak anything. He folds the document and slides it into an envelope.

Grabbing his keys off the counter, he leaves his apartment and heads for the post office.

Jack’s father calls him when he pulls into a parking spot. “Dad?”

“Jacky, Son, your mother told me you’re working for the government.”

Jack pinches the bridge of his nose. “I’m not, Dad. She misunderstood.” He pulls his key from the ignition. “I don’t want to jinx it.”

“You know what we think about the government, Jacky.”

“You’re so pa—”

“I’m not paranoid. I’m just informed.”

Jack sighs. “I’m not working for the government, Dad. I just don’t want to put anyone’s hopes up.”

“Promise me.”

Jack stares at the envelope in his hands. He turns over to look at the mailing address. “I promise.”


NASA (Not Actually Scientifically Accurate): Building Eight

Wow that’s a long title. I’m going to shorten that.

But I’m back! It’s been a few weeks. I’m in the process of reading two books, one of which is like 1000 pages (its Game of Thrones) and the other is only 300 pages but I just can’t seem to pick it up even thought I have 110 pages left. Oh well.

All in due time.

But I want to talk about this new concept that popped into my head after watching this YouTube video. In short, Gary McKinnon ‘hacked’ NASA back in 2001-2002. He got caught but before he got caught he saw some questionable things. He saw a list for ‘Non-Terrestrial Officers’ and it was about 25 names. He also came across about 9 names for USS ships. And after searching the names, no records came up. (He was in the US Navy computers too).

Back to NASA though, he also came across a folder and in that folder there was a photo that had these weird disks on it and in the background was Earth. Watch part one and two of the videos. It’s really worth it.

A few days ago my dad was watching a playlist on YouTube and it was about space and all this crazy shit (my dad and I are space nuts). But he told me that one of the videos spoke about a satellite that orbits Earth from pole-to-pole and we don’t know how it got there. It’s called the Black Knight. It didn’t come from Earth. He also told me about some ‘space craft’ or some technology that is due for passing Earth soon and we don’t know where its come from but the trajectory is being watched.

Most of the information is speculation but speculation has a great foundation for storytelling.

And here comes my story:

Jack has always wanted to work for NASA. It’s been a life-long dream since he understood what rockets and space was. Getting an internship there is as close as he thinks he’s going to get.

A few weeks into his internship, everything goes wrong. He’s trusted by the government until he posts on his blog about Area 51, the Roswell UFO incident, Atlantis, and the real facts about why we went to the moon.

Now on the run and hiding, jack doesn’t know what to do. But one thing is clear. Humanity isn’t safe. Destruction is coming.

The summary is subject to change, but this is the basics so far.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 11.48.35 PM

I also have a really gorgeous cover to go with it.

I made this yesterday in class. I like it a lot.

But I also have a beginning for this story. I’ll probably post it tomorrow. I have to figure out formatting for it because it’s a letter.

But this story is going to replace Where is Home?  and trust me when I say that this one won’t become personal. I’m probably actually going to get consumed with this story.

But I’m excited.