Book Review: The Ship Beyond Time by Heidi Heilig

the ship beyond timeThis book was too focused on love and not adventure like the first book was. I really enjoyed the banter between Nix and Kashmir, but it seemed almost nonexistent in this book.

Even before the two admitted their feelings for each other, they weren’t playful and joking.

The whole thing was too much ‘love’ and not enough adventure.

I enjoyed the ending though, and not just because it ended. But it was a lot of fast paced ‘action’ and adrenaline.

A big dislike I had of the book was Kashmir’s POV. It didn’t add anything to the story. It was just pages of Kashmir thinking over his feelings of Nix. I didn’t care for those chapters. I was glad when they were over.

Reading The Girl From Everywhere, I had a theory about how this book would play out (or should’ve) but that didn’t happen. I really wish I enjoyed this book as much as I enjoyed The Girl From Everywhere.

But it’s still a 4/5 because the idea, and realness of the characters will always keep me reading.


Book Review: Frostblood by Elly Blake

frost bloodI was skeptical to read this. Even though it sounded good, but it also sounded similar to Red Queen. Anyone that knows me knows I have a love/hate thing going on with that series.

But I kept going back to the book and I kept reading reviews. And I came across a review that said it was better than Red Queen.

I bought a copy the next time I was in the book store.

And let me tell you.

I. Am. Hooked.

I haven’t bought Fireblood yet, but I want it so bad.

What I loved about Ruby is that she was so real. I could relate to her thoughts and feelings. I did yell at her several times though.

The pacing was great.

I really loved the dynamic between her and Arcus. They had banter almost similar to Aelin and Rowan in Throne of Glass.

And the ‘twist’ at the end had me screaming. I am in awe of this book.

I need Fireblood ASAP.


Book Review: Zero Day by Jan Gangsei

zero dayThe story sounds promising, it really does. It’s a great summary, but when I got to actually reading it, it wasn’t so great.

I did read some reviews beforehand that may have swayed my judgement. But I just didn’t get the motive that Abby had against her father.

Like she was always making sly comments or trying to catch someone in a lie. And it was always with thoughts. She was so suspicious that I’m surprised that her childhood best friend didn’t catch on sooner that she was an enemy.

I just wasn’t a fan of her at all.

She wanted some program from her mom and I didn’t get why she– or the people that kidnapped her, wanted it so bad. Abby never mentioned why she needed. Neither her or the reader knew why it was so detrimental to the big picture.

I got halfway through the book before I had to put it down and stop. I can’t read a book where I don’t know the motive of the main character.


Book Review: Life as We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer

life as we knew it

Literally thought the MC was a 12 year old with what she writes but apparently she’s nearly 17. Who woulda guessed?

Miranda is annoying and whiney. All she cares about is kissing Dan (I think that’s his name). Th

is isn’t really a distopia. The distopic elements of the book aren’t elaborated on (like tsunamis and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions). Which by the way, wouldn’t be caused by the moon being closer to the Earth. And that even goes to say that Malaria wouldn’t pop up around the world because of the proximity of the moon. There’s no correlation.

I debated buying the whole series a little while ago, glad I didn’t.

DNF at page 111


Book Review: Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone

every last wordPeople.





I can’t stress this enough. And maybe it was a mistake reading this book after reading None of the AboveNone of the Above. Because None of the Above is a phenomenal book. (review soon to come).

But in Every Last Word, I was unable to connect with the characters. They lacked emotional depth. I just couldn’t sympathize with the main character, Sam. Her ‘best friends’ constantly belittled her and bullied her.

What really confused me was the beginning of the book, Sam had an ‘episode’ regarding scissors. Like she wanted to cut her sisters hair or something? I don’t know but it was never mentioned and she never had a similar episode since. In fact, I wouldn’t have even known she was OCD if she didn’t say she was. She sees a therapist and I was under the impression that she had a severe case of ODC. Her OCD didn’t show up throughout most of the book, only when it seemed convenient.

Closer to the end of the book she started to ‘forget’ to do certain OCD things because of *drum roll* a boy.

Or at least that’s how it felt.


Book Review: Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

shadow and bone

The main reason why I picked this book up is because I’m meeting Leigh Bardugo on the 27th. I’ve already read the Six of Crows books, so I kind of wanted to read this one.

I’m not sure how I feel about the books yet. I do like them, but I feel I can’t fully review the books until I’ve finished all three.

I definitely didn’t see the plot twist coming. And I didn’t expect the ending that Bardugo wrote.

I’m excited to finish the rest of the series and learn more about the Grisha. I almost want to reread Six of Crows so I can understand the world a little better.


Book Review: None of the Above by I.W. Gregorio

none of the aboveI used to watch this show on MTV called Faking It. And there was an intersex character. The show didn’t really help me understand the condition and since the show ended, I sort of forgot about intersex.

Just a few weeks ago I came across this book and I decided to give it a try after I read a few reviews. My initial goal by the end of this book was to understand what it meant to be intersex. Google wasn’t much of help and this book was basically my last resort.

This book did what I wanted it to do. I understand intersex now.

The author was really good at educating the reader. You learned with the main character. And the bullying that Krissy endured was a pretty accurate portrayal to America’s ignorance. There was clear empathay for Krissy. Several times I found myself yelling at what characters were doing/saying to her.

Great book.