Book Review: The Last Boy and Girl in the World by Siobhan Vivian

24157347.jpgI usually give a book until page 100 before I decide to give up on it, but I just didn’t want to waste my time with this book.

Keeley was childish. Not just that, but the writing wasn’t that good either. It’s fast paced, there aren’t really any descriptions and there are things like:

“When she noticed me noticing, she said with a chuckle,”

Noticed me noticing??? You couldn’t use “looking”? I literally stared at that line for a good five minutes before I continued. And then I ran into this,

“its googly eyes googling with every bump in the road.”

Googly eyes googling.

I’m not even going to get into it.

Keeley is very childish and annoying. She says completely random things that no one would ever say, and she’s like “Boys don’t know what to make of me.” And although Keeley has two friends, they’re never around because the book is solely based on the weird friendship between Jesse and Keeley (he’s the love interest).

Their relationship is built weird too. I’m a little confused with ages in the book.

“I knew for a fact that he had actual six-pack muscles because he had this terrific habit of peeling off his sweaty soccer jersey after games and slinging it over one shoulder.”

So he has “actual six-pack muscles” and he’s a senior in high school. He’s also a man-whore, having being described as always kissing a different girl between class periods. And from my understanding, Keeley is a junior, about to be senior, so that would put her at 17 or 18. But then,

“I was supposed to pick something special for my sixteenth birthday,”

So this bitch is sixteen and she’s ‘flirting’ with an 18-year-old? And he’s graduating too, which means he’s probably going to be 19 soon. Literally get someone your own age.

I’d bitch more about the book, but that’s when I stopped reading. Her behaviour made sense as soon as I read that line though. She has a middle school mentality, and I’m not surprised because it’s not been long since she left.


PS. I think I angered the Book Gods. I keep reading bad* books.

*They’re not bad. But books I dislike.


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