Book Review: King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard

king's crownI have a love/hate relationship with Victoria Aveyard, so this review is going to go one of two ways.

To those of you who don’t know this world, basically there are two types of people, Red and Silver. You’re defined by your blood. Red’s are the low of the society. They’re used as slaves and drafted to fight a Silver war at the age of 15(?). Silver’s see themselves as gods. Their blood gives them abilities. By abilities, think of X-Men.

The main protagonist, Mare Barrow, is half of Storm. By that I mean that she controls lightning and only lightning. No storm clouds or thunder.

There are two more pretty important characters, Cal and Maven Calore. There’s a typical love triangle between the three. The only difference being that Maven stops just short of Joffery from Game of Thrones (which I think Aveyard did on purpose because she’s a major GoT fan). Cal is a little more likeable. He has morals but he needs to grow a fucking backbone, my god.


So I don’t think I can summarize the plot of this book because I don’t think there was one. If you don’t want spoilers for the previous two books, look away (but also, why are you reading this if you haven’t read the series yet?).

But Glass Sword ended with a pretty heavy cliff hanger. Mare became Maven’s prisoner. The tagline ‘Kneel or Bleed’ was taken literally into that account. So, going into King’s Cage, I knew Mare was going to be Maven’s ‘pet’. The title proved that. It was interesting learning more of Maven. I don’t know what Aveyard is planning, but I almost empathize with Maven. MAVEN. I ended Glass Sword hating that little bastard, and now I feel for him?

About 85% of the book was told in Mare’s perspective. 10% was told in Cameron’s perspective, and the final 5% was told in Evangeline’s perspective. I don’t care for Cameron, like, at all. She sounded like a watered down Mare. There was no voice for her. She didn’t stand out from any of the other character’s that we’ve encountered. Even Evangeline sounded like Mare, only more fierce. And god, could Evangeline talk about metal. Like we get it, you’re a Magnetron.

I looked forward to Mare’s POV chapters and that’s only because it seemed like the story progressed with her. But by the end of the book, nothing happened. There was no progression in the story at all. We probably could’ve gotten a novella with Mare’s ‘imprisonment’ and been ready for book four. Half the book is a total waste. No one is any closer to the ending, and I don’t even know what that could be.

I think Aveyard got lost in the process of this book and quite frankly, I don’t think she knows where it’s going. I’m too far into the series to quit now, so we’ll see how book four is next year. I really hope Aveyard redeems herself because Red Queen was a good book. It had a balance of action, and romance (that I didn’t roll my eyes at).

King’s Cage is a long read, and many things happen in it, but nothing worth moving the plot forward.

4/5 because I’m giving Aveyard the benefit of the doubt, and hoping that the ending is more than a ploy to annoy her readers (I seriously think she has a plan).

P.S. Cal and Mare don’t have much chemistry. For me, it’s really hard writing characters that have good (sexual) chemistry, that’s why I don’t write relationships. But Maven and Mare… I don’t know; I love angst. Let’s just say, what Cal and Mare had in RQ, isn’t close to what they have in KC.

P.P.S. I get you like Six of Crows (I do too), but why would you name a character Caz, and another one Brecker, and then have their names called so it sounds like Kaz Brekker? That interrupted the flow of that scene (which was pretty important) and I had to gather my thoughts.


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