Book Review: The Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan

27904311Reading the second in the series, made me like it a little bit more. I really respect Samirah for keeping her faith even after learning about the Norse gods. Same with Magnus.

And I appreciate Rick for including a Muslim and a transgender character. It’s not often you get either, let along both in a middle grade book. (can it be called middle grade?)

When it comes to Magnus and Alex, I don’t feel the chemistry there. Maybe in book three it’ll become more apparent, but I really like the idea of Samirah and Magnus together. The Magnus and Alex thing almost feels forced. I hope that changes though.

The book itself was definitely more Rick Riordan than the first one. It felt like it had a bunch of trials that the demigods had to go through, similar to a Percy Jackson book.

The whole Annabeth popping in at random moments is kind of annoying though. I still think Rick did that to pull in the Percy Jackson fans even though I’m pretty sure we would’ve read it regardless.

Something that I’m really hoping for in this third book is that there will be more than just Blitz, Hearth, Sam, Alex, and Magnus fighting. I want floor nineteen to be more involved. I like Halfblood and Mallory, and T.J. I want more of them.



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