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The Moon Was a Witness

So if you have me on Snapchat, you may have been following me posting about an upcoming book, The Moon Was a Witness.



In eleventh grade, during a mock AP Lang exam, one of the essay questions made me think about a boy I once knew named Brandon. That phrase stuck with me for a good several weeks before an idea popped in my head.

I came up with the blurb long before the first chapter came to me. The blurb has since been changed and modified, but it’s relatively stayed the same.

There was a boy I once knew who had an abusive father.

There was a boy I once knew that became a werewolf after killing him.

There was a boy I once knew that was killed a year later.

There was a boy I once knew and his name was Brandon.

He was my best friend.

I killed him.

I sat on that blurb for a few more months.

And then an idea on how to start the first chapter popped into my head.

I told myself not to write it. I promised that I would start as soon as I finished another book I was working on. But the ideas kept coming for this book. And like an addiction I said,

“I’ll just write the first chapter. I’ll get it out of my system.”

That first chapter turned into four. And the next thing I know, a month has passed and the book is finished.

The two main characters took over halfway into the book and wrote themselves. They became so real to me that I had to get their story told. I couldn’t not. I wrote in all my free time. And I wrote several chapters a day. I don’t think I’ve ever truly written a book in a month. From start to finish.

But here’s the summary, which has also changed over time:

Maggie Thomas is sent to rehab a month after her best friend, Brandon, disappears.

She tells her story in flashbacks to her therapist. Recounting the painful memories of her past with Brandon. But she leaves out the details of the werewolf curse that fell upon them as well as the fact that she killed him.

With several days till the next full moon, Maggie has to tell her story before she turns and becomes a science experiment.

This book has sat on my computer for two years. I’ve read over it several times just for my own enjoyment. If I could have any characters, from a book I’ve written, turned real, I’d pick Brandon and Maggie in a heartbeat.

I wrote this book from March 16th, 2015 – April 11th, 2015.

The book is told over the course of eighteen months. The events in each chapter are significant to the big story. Brandon and Maggie go through a rollercoaster of emotions. I hope you laugh at the jokes they tell. I hope you cringe at the truth they tell. And I hope you’re sitting on the edge of wherever you are, when a certain chapter comes into play.

I hope you all fall in love with Brandon and Maggie like I have.

I wanted to publish this book as I started to enter the world with my creative writing degree. I graduate in a month, and I couldn’t not go into the world without Maggie and Brandon with me.

You can buy it Paperback or Kindle. Or you can read the first 7 chapters for free!



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