Book Review: The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan

the_sword_of_summerI really wish this book wasn’t connected to the Greek gods. And it’s not actually connected, but Magnus is Annabeth’s cousin. I feel like Rick wanted to keep his Percy Jackson audience (all of us were going to read it regardless of his relation). Rick Riordan successfully made a book about Egyptian gods and he had no connection to the Greek gods and Percy Jackson (excluding the crossover ebooks).

I also wish there was pronunciation guide for all the Norse names. I don’t think I enjoyed this book that much because I didn’t know how half the stuff was pronounced (but that’s a personal problem).

Magnus Chase had a similar humor to Percy and I missed that. There wasn’t much of it in The Heroes of Olympus. I thoroughly enjoyed all the characters. Especially Blitz and Hearth.

I loved that Rick included a Muslim and a deaf character. It’s not often you see either of those in books. It’s nice to see things like that included.

It was pretty cool going to each of the Nine Worlds.

This review is one of my worst reviews…damn. I just don’t know what to say. The book didn’t stand out besides it being about Norse mythology. I think maybe people got me too hype for the book so it fell flat (similar to how I felt about Six of Crows). I’m just not familiar with the Norse world.

Anyway, I’ll be starting The Hammer of Thor soon. Maybe I’ll be able to form better thoughts then.



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