The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater


I’m still trying to process what I just read…

After sleeping on it, I have cohesive thoughts.








This book left me dissatisfied and I think that’s because Glendower is dead. Maggie built up this series with four books. And the main goal in all the books is to find and wake Glendower. And then Gansey finds Glendower, and there’s like ten chapters left in this book, and Glendower had been dead for centuries.

Gansey gave up seven years of his life to find Glendower and HE’S DEAD. I’m just kinda pissed off about that. I love Maggie and all her books, but I think this was an out for her. I don’t know if she had this planned from book one, but it just feels like she didn’t know what to do with Glendower if he was alive and woken.

Not really a spoiler here, but we know from book one that Gansey is going to die. So throughout all three (and more than half the last book) we’re ready for that punch when Gansey kicks the bucket. And he does. But he doesn’t stay dead. Not that I want him to stay dead, I was hoping that Maggie would bring him back somehow, and she does. But with Glendower dead, and Gansey not dead, I feel lied to. I was behind Gansey all the way. Like I knew he was going to find him and wake him. And I also knew Gansey was going to die (I heard that many people cried at the end) and probably stay dead. So with those two things ripped out from under me, I feel lied to.

They were the only two things I was confident were going to happen.

And then at the end, the epilogue, Maggie glances over Gansey’s second resurrection. I have a lot of questions on how he’s ‘not perfect’ according to Cabeswater. What’s different about him? And can Blue kiss him now? There’s just not a lot explained. I also want to know what Ronan and Adam are doing. Adam’s going to college, so are they doing a long-distance thing?

Maggie tweeted that she’s writing a trilogy with Ronan and Adam and I’m excited for it. I really want more of the two, especially Ronan. Until then, fanfiction it is.

I’m giving the book five stars because when I finished the book, I was overcome with an emotion I can’t place, and nearly cried. Maybe it was relief that Gansey wasn’t dead, I don’t know. Or maybe because Ronan was re-dreaming Cabeswater with protection this time. I don’t know what the feeling was, but it deserves the extra star.



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