We Awaken by Calista Lynne

30804945I really wanted to enjoy this. You don’t understand how much I wanted to.

And it was good up until I got about 75% into the story. It quickly escalated to typical YA stuff.

After three days they were talking about loving each other.


And then at the end, when Victoria was okay with her brother dying, just so she could live out probably only a couple more years with Ashlinn before they (most likely would) brake up.

It was disturbing. She was EXCITED at the thought of being with Ashlinn even AFTER she knew HER BROTHER was going to die so they could be together.

He was comatose but still.

There’s something morally wrong with that.

And then the day after the funeral, when Ashlinn shows up, Victoria’s grief is forgotten and she can’t wait to start her life with Ashlinn.

I really wanted to enjoy this…


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