Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas

18006496I literally lose all inspiration to write when I finish one of Maas’ books. I will never amount to the way she writes. She’s so colorful with her words.

Queen of Shadows nearly put me in tears during the final chapters.

I’m terrified to pick up Empire of Storms because I’ve accidentally read a few spoilers. I know it’s going to destroy me all over and put me in a terrible writing mood (ACOMAF tore my heart out, chewed it up, and then threw it at me).

Aelin has come such a long way. I’m terrified that the series is ending. It better be a happy ending with all the shit she’s been through.



She’s not even immortal. How will things work between her and Rowan?????

Will Dorian hook up with Manon??? (He better)

What about Choal? I don’t really have a legitimate question about him, but I just worry about him sometimes.


PS. Is anyone else psyched for the TV show they’re making???

PPS. The only reason I’ll be getting a Hulu account.

PPPS. They better cast right.

PPPPS. The name of the series is Queen of Shadows.

PPPPPS. I don’t think the title could get any better.


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