Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas

*mild spoilers*

20613470Just as I thought I would, I love the timeline in this book. People are separated and the POV jumps back and forth, along characters in the same area too. You get a full glimpse of everything.

I’m a big fan of Rowan. From the second he met Celaena and was to train her. I don’t know if I ship them yet but even as a friend, I’m glad Celaena has him.

Rowan, prince and fae, trains Celaena so she can control her magic. She has the power of fire, hence the title. The training sessions were unique. Each one as challenging as the next. And she was determined and didn’t always get it right, and Rowan was relentless. Their dynamic was just beautifully written. They were helping each other piece themselves together, which kind of reminded me of Rhysand and Feyre. (Will never be over those two).

Something else I throughly enjoyed is the relationship between Celaena, Choal, and Dorian. Dorian still has some feelings for Celaena but he’s trying to not have those feelings. And it’s difficult to do that and Maas shows that too. Same with Choal’s and Celaena’s relationship. Celaena cannot ever be with Choal again because of Nehima. And Choal won’t ever be with Celaena again because of what Celaena is. And all these characters struggle to get past those feelings of loss and disgust in some cases.

Sarah J. Maas seems to always write is real relationships. Romantic or platonic, every bit of truth is in there. People have more than one partner. People don’t marry or live happily ever after with their first love. Friendships are strong bonds and you put all your trust in them to have that trust sometimes broken.

One more thing, I thought it was a little risky to have Manon thrown in there. Bringing in a new character, one to separate from the main group, and making readers like her, that’s tricky. Although at first I didn’t care much for Manon’s chapters, I did get into them quickly. I understand the reason for Maas putting them in there, and part of me still doesn’t care much, but anyone who knows me knows that I’m a slut for dragons, so…


PS. Maas is ruining my life and I’m not ready for May.


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