A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

*spoilers ahead*


I want to start off with how healthy Sarah J. Maas is writing Feyre. Healthy relationships are rare to find in YA. And after all the neglect from Tamlin, she realized her worth. It took her a little while to see her worth. And she only got to see her worth when she was away from the Spring Court, courtesy of Rhysand.

Feyre was left in isolation for three months after the events in ACOTAR. Isolation leads to self-reflection and that’s why she was still in agony and tortuous pain from her mind while living safely in the Spring Court. Her night terrors never went away because she had all this time to remember her ordeal.

And then Rhysand comes into the picture. And he gave her nothing but choices, which in its own way is everything. She made friends and started living a healthy lifestyle. She was fixing herself because she saw more than just the suffocating walls of Tamlin’s home. Rhysand knew she could only fix herself. He gave her that chance to become independent again. And if that’s not the healthiest thing I’ve ever read in YA, then nothing is.

Now that that’s out of the way.


Holy Cauldron is he precious. He thinks so little of himself and it breaks my heart that he thinks that way. The most powerful High Lord in Pyranthian thinks he doesn’t deserve happiness. After everything he endured Under the Mountain with Amarantha for fifty years. He deserves everything and more. He is so fragile. PROTECT HIM FEYRE.

I have grown very attached to this series and I’ve learned that it’s not safe to read in public because you will get aroused. So thank you Maas for that.



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