The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey

18249281Whoa, so talk about a plot twist.

So a majority of this book takes place in one location. And Yancey likes to have each part of the book in someone else’s POV so it’s split between four? different characters. A large portion of the book it told in Ringer’s POV and I remember in the first book loving Ringer, but the movie ruined her character for me. This book redeemed it slightly. I’m hoping The Last Star will fix it fully, but we’ll see.

With the way that this book ended, I’m not sure what could be done in the final to even make a final book. I think part of the reason that it took the turn it did is because Yancey himself didn’t know where to take the story.

He has yet to address the spaceship.

Because of that, the pacing was slow, and there were many times when a whole chapter could’ve been omitted and I would’ve still been able to follow perfectly.

I still love Cassie and Ben and Sammy. I’ve never been a fan of Evan Walker (despite sharing the same last name).

But with what was revealed in this book, he’s growing on me.

The book was still really good. I read it in one sitting. It was a page turner that’s for sure.



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