Vault of Dreamers by Caragh M. O’Brien

vault-of-dreamerAs much as I hate doing this, I’ve been finding myself doing it a lot recently. But I stopped reading this 200+ pages in. For lack of a better term, it was just dry.

Rosie Sinclair is the main character and it starts rather quickly but not in the right way. She skips her sleeping pill-that’s the first chapter. You then learn that she goes to an arts school where they record you throughout your high school career. And that they make you sleep 12 hours a night by giving you a sleeping pill.

But Rosie skips her pill every night because she thinks something not right is going on at night. She only ever has this thought and the reader doesn’t know why she’s suspicious of the school, we just know that she is. There was no build up of any sort.

And then you have her love interest, Linus, who is a cool guy and all, but they just start off so strange. There was no build up to that either and then a love triangle was thrown in from nowhere and then dismissed (if you’ve read my other reviews you know how I feel about love triangles).

There wasn’t a lot of set up and world building. Rosie spoke and thought as if the reader knew the world she lived in. The ‘Greenland War’ is mentioned many times but there’s never any history on it. There are many things that just aren’t explained and maybe they get explained further on in the book but they should’ve been explained sooner.

I didn’t have a very strong connection or care for Rosie or any of the other characters.

3/5 (only because I didn’t finish it)


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