The Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu

So this series has been sitting on my shelf for probably a year now. I own all of Marie Lu’s books but I had never read a single one. I have The Young Elites series too, haven’t read that. But it definitely will be read after reading this series.

I just want to start with that Day and June are goals (in a totally dystopic society background).

I go crazy for a strong female protagonist. It’s hard to pull this off because they either come off as cold-blooded or they’re just a bitch to sound redundant. But Marie Lu created the perfectly balanced independent female lead. She was physically strong from the first chapter. Kind of a rebel within her society although she was the prodigy and still respected because of that title. June also had her wits about her, all throughout the trilogy. She was a constant character but had a tremendous arc throughout all three books.

And then there’s Day. Legend actually starts off in Day’s POV. But Day is the perfect combination of compassionate, selflessness, and toughness. He’s sensitive which is like wow. And he has all the same wits about him that June has but he’s street smart where June is analytic smart. They balance each other out and complement each other greatly.

The thing about both of them is that they’re both very independent people. They know they don’t need anyone to rely on, yet they decide that they want each other in their lives and that’s like one of the most healthiest things I’ve ever read in YA.

There’s a reason why I try to stray from YA stories that focus on romance and it’s because it’s portrayed falsely. Most authors are letting readers read a relationship that’s borderline possessive and abusive. And I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with possessiveness, but there’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed and most authors fail to see that line. Unlike Marie Lu who wrote June as a girl who knew her worth, authors sell the female protagonists short and it was just refreshing to read something like The Legend Trilogy.

Besides the relationship, there was a lot of political talk. Most dystopians gloss over the tough decisions that the government has to make and it was interesting to read about that side with having June so close to the government in the way that she was. I think it’s a good series to read if you want to write your own dystopia. You get both sides of the story, i.e. the peoples unrest, and the government trying to contain that unrest.

Overall, I wish I had read this story sooner. I just can’t wait to read The Young Elites next.


ps. Champion put me in tears.


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