The Time I Saw a UFO

We had a writing exercise in my class this week and well this is the result. I’m pretty happy with it and I think it’s cute so I wanted to share. It’s a non-fiction story but how accurate are memories anyway?

Even though it’s not Sunday, I really wanted to share this ASAP. I hope you guys like it!

I have to tell you this story about the time I saw a UFO. So I was in the car with my parents. We were driving back from SeaWorld. I was probably eleven at the time. My two sisters were sitting beside me. My younger sister, Sami, had the middle seat. And Janie, my older sister, had the far left seat. I was on the right. They were unofficially our seats and god forbid if one of us sat in the wrong seat.

My dad was driving. My mom was in the passenger seat. The music was low but not too low where there was an awkward silence in the air. Mom and Dad were talking. Janie and I were looking out of our respective windows and Sami was staring through the windshield. She was also hogging the cold air.

We had spent the whole day at SeaWorld, one of my favorite places at the time. We were all sun kissed but no one really cared. We would tomorrow when we realized that we were actually sun burned.

I-4 wasn’t too busy at this time. And we were driving past the city when I looked up. A golden light was in the sky, burning, and pulsing. It was moving too. I said, “Is that a UFO?”

Janie immediately freaked out. Aliens are one of her biggest fears, but she was also interested even if she didn’t want to admit it. My dad asked where, and my mom pointed out her window. Sami leaned over me to get a glance, but Janie was unable to see it.

As the road turned and the UFO moved across the sky, Janie was finally able to get a glance of it. She started freaking out again and I was just fascinated. I finally got to see a UFO! My dad and I are both science nuts so he was pretty impressed too.

The UFO was probably there for another two minutes before it vanished—in the blink of an eye it was just gone.

On our way home we kept glancing up at the sky, hoping to have spotted it again.

We didn’t.

But later on when we got home, my mom put the news on.

She called us all into the living room and pointed at the TV.

The UFO was actually the Space Shuttle.


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