The Merciless II by Danielle Vega

merciless II

I’m going to start this off mentioning The Merciless. The Merciless had a build up that was gradual and filled with anxious anticipation. The way it ended was ambiguous and didn’t necessarily need a sequel, but when I found out that Danielle Vega was writing The Merciless II I was excited.

Reading thrillers such as these, or thrillers in general aren’t my ‘typical’ genre, but I enjoyed the first one so much that I could only assume that the second was just as good, if not better.

And then I read the second one.

It’s not that The Merciless II is bad. It’s a well written book and is interesting. But as a companion to The Merciless it doesn’t live up to it. I think my main problem is that nothing really demonic happens until like the last two chapters.

There were some technicalities I found. At one point, Sofia, the protagonist, had a gag in her mouth making her unable to speak, but a few pages down she was talking and there was no mention of her getting rid of the gag. There was another thing where she said that a week had passed since she witnessed something in the church and a few paragraphs down she referenced it as happening that very morning. I may have just missed a word or two that would make my claims wrong, but that’s what I found.

Upon researching this series further, I found out that the author is writing a sort of prequel? I’m most likely going to pick it up. Her books are so nice. There’s no jacket for her hardcovers, like my copy of The Merciless II is gold and shiny. It’s gorgeous and the only reason why I’m going to keep the book on my shelf.



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