Son by Lois Lowry


So I finally finished the series and like all series, the first book/movie will always be the best.

Although I only continued the series to see what happened to Jonas, part of me wishes that I didn’t. Jonas’s story is interesting and to learn how far he’s come makes me happy.

Jonas is in this book more than the 2nd and 3rd and the book jumps between Claire’s, Gabe’s, and Jonas’s POV. This book is probably my second favorite in the series because we got an insight into the Birthmothers role in the society that Claire and Jonas both came from (Gabe too).

This book is in three parts and I predicted that part one would be before Jonas left, part two would be the chaos that ensues after Jonas leaves and the memories are released, and that part three would be the thriving community that they came from, but I was wrong when I hit part two.

Part two takes place in a small community that lives on the beach. I really liked that community except for their stupid gender roles but Tall Andras can go fuck himself.

Overall, The Giver will stay on my shelf and I’m glad I didn’t buy the rest of the books like I was going to. Bless the library system.



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