Messenger by Lois Lowry


When I read The Giver, it was because it was assigned to be read in class. And I liked it so much that I read the second one, Gathering Blue. I said I wasn’t going to read the third or even the forth because all I really wanted to know was what happened to Jonas. And after discussing the book in class, I found out that he’s in these books. He’s in Messenger, his name is Leader, because he’s the leader of Village (the main location in Messenger).

The books though seem to be getting progressively worse. I’m not really sure what message Lowry was trying to send with this book (irony lol). It was good, like I’m happy I saw more of Matty, Kira, and Jonas, but it wasn’t as satisfying as The Giver was when I first read it.

What was a little confusing was the ages of everybody. All I know is that Messenger takes place two years after Gathering Blue and I have no idea how many years after The Giver. I really want to know everyone’s age. That’s all I ask.

Give me a timeline.



1 thought on “Messenger by Lois Lowry”

  1. I absolutely adore The Giver, but have always been hesitant to pick up any of the following books, because I couldn’t see them living up to it. So it was interesting to read this, and see that it might be worth picking them up, but that I can actually expect to be disappointed.
    Great review 😀

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