The Kings Men by Nora Sakavic

the kings men

So since I’ve been writing really vague reviews about this series, I’m gonna try and start from the top again now that I’ve finished.

So The Foxhole Court starts off with Neil: a kid who’s been on the run from his father for about nine years. He gets recruited by Kevin to join Palmetto State Foxes playing Exy. Exy is what people like to call, Murder Lacrosse. And it’s literally Murder Lacrosse.

After reflecting on the beginning of the book, I’ve come to realize that it kind of starts off like who Captive Prince did, with the hole “I hope he doesn’t recognize me” thing. But that’s where it kind of stops. It has a lot of the same themes and twists.

But this series, The Foxhole Court, wasn’t as predictable as I found Captive Prince. I was a lot more invested with this series than that too. The author made you care for Neil from page one. I didn’t want anything to happen to him. I connected with these characters faster than lightning.

Some of the things that I liked especially about this series is the character development. Neil went from an unattached, closed off liar to someone that started to care and let people in. And he eventually stopped lying. Kevin started off with his tail between in legs and now he’s gained the confidence he should’ve always had. And Andrew, well he’s a special case because he was so misunderstood that it’s hard to break down into then and now.

Another thing that I absolutely loved was the way she integrated languages into the book. whenever there’s a different language being spoken she lets the reader know and then continues the conversation in that language until its done. In the past when I’ve written a language into my story I wasn’t sure if I should write it in the proper language and offer a translation or just ignore it all together. It sounds too east to really think about it but that was something that I found troubling but Sakavic did it so simply.

I’m never not going to get over how consistent each character is. You always know who is speaking regardless of if there’s a tag at the end saying who it is. And they even developed within their personality that made it feel and seem more realistic.

The story has one major plot and that is to beat the Ravens. That plot goes on throughout the whole series but there are subplots and major events that come up along the way and some of the things that happen seem absurd but it all makes sense because of the world that Sakavic built. And the pacing was well done. The ‘action’ was thought out and came at just the right time to keep the story interesting. Especially The Kings Men. I think that’s why I got through it so quickly because there was always something going on three chapters down.

6/5 (will probably be the only series I’ll reread)

ps I love that the Foxes place bets and have dozens going on at once

pps I love my Foxes


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