The Foxhole Court by Nora Sakavic


This story makes you ask all the right questions. It doesn’t suffocate you with all the questions either. It’s gradual.

But these students play a game called Exy and its a mixture between Lacrosse and Soccer. It’s really cool that Sakavic came up with this whole sport and concept. But the Foxes are a group of misfit ‘teens’ (they’re in college). But they all have something twisted about them. Like Andrew is psychotic. Neil is on the run from his father that wants to kill him. Kevin was basically… that’s a spoiler so never mind. But they all have a dark background and the Foxes coach, Waymack, gave each of them another chance that society most likely wouldn’t.

A lot happens in each chapter but the chapters are fairly short so its not an overflowing of information or action. The things that happen to Neil makes sense and nothing pushes the envelope of reality. For something that you wouldn’t think is realistic, it’s realistic. Like I said, everything is believable.

The consistencies with the characters is spot on. Andrew is always apathetic even on his meds. Seth is always pissed. Sakavic, is very consistent with her characters and their behaviours. And every character is a well-rounded character. They have history and backgrounds that you or Neil don’t know just yet. Because the Foxes are famous, Neil knows the general background of them. He knows more about Kevin and Riko which you’ll find out if you decide to read. But you get the general background of all the characters is there.

The stakes are high for all the characters well into the beginning of the story and the further you go into the story they get higher.

There’s not much else to say except that I’m absolutely in love with this story. I love the concept of misfits playing a sport. I love Exy. I love Neil. I love Andrew. I love Kevin. Everything. I’ve already started the second one.



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