Althea and Oliver by Cristina Moracho

althea and oliver

Can I cry? Kick and scream? Throw plates at a wall? Do I have to settle for ice cubes and the bath tub?

Goodbye world. I can no-longer exist.


But Althea and Oliver starts where Oliver is about to have one of his sleeping episodes. You don’t really understand what is going on until a few chapters later, but it leaves you asking just the right amount of questions to keep you hooked.

Right from the start I was addicted to Althea’s and Oliver’s relationship. I could tell just by the way that they spoke and acted around one another that they’ve been friends for a long time. They had chemistry and that’s something hard to write (for me anyway). These two reminded me of two of my characters that I wrote which made me fall in love with them harder.


A major problem that I had while reading this though is when Althea took advantage of Oliver. It made me uncomfortable and I actually considered putting the book down but I powered through, hoping that something would fix. I didn’t expect Althea to tell Oliver about the incident as soon as she did and I think that’s what ‘redeemed’ the book for me. Oliver had the appropriate response and Althea had the mind that I was in. It was a confusing incident. Hard to explain.


The condition that Oliver has is actually a real sleeping condition called, Kleine-Levin Syndrome. It’s rare and all the symptoms fit with Oliver’s behaviour. I did research on it when the name popped up and watched some documentaries about it. It’s bazaar.

Once or twice there was a paragraph with dialogue from two different characters. Those were the major flaws that I came across.

I didn’t like the end of the book but that’s because they didn’t end up where I wanted it to go, which, for the author, is a success.

It was nicely written with the alternating chapters so you were clearly seeing what each of them were thinking. That’s what made it so successful. Nothing was speculation because you knew the answer to what the character was speculating.



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