Armada by Ernest Cline


So the book started off where you’d assume it would–right when a ship is spotted by our protagonist, Zack.

This book is about Zack Lightman and his ‘daddy issues’. But it’s also about the alien invasion that’s coming to Earth.

Like I said, the first chapter takes you right into the story and I was thinking, “well this is off to a good start” and then I got to chapter two. Zack went off on tangents about space games and movies. He went into what the game looked like and all the way to how you play. Maybe I didn’t like that because I’m not much of a gamer (wish I was) but I read Ready Player One and absolutely loved it. I was expecting it to be something like that only with aliens.

So if the video game tangents were too much, him going into detail about his father time and time again only got irritating too. Like we get it, he’s dead. He was almost a little too obsessive about his fathers notes about the link between all the video games and whatnot.

But when the invasion actually started and Zack was informed with what was going on, it got better. The plot was clear and there were no deviations. It went on like that for a solid ten chapters. And then it started to go downhill. The ‘twist’ was predictable. I saw it coming from the moon (read the book and you’ll laugh at that). The manner with which it was revealed was a little shocking but the actual thing wasn’t.

So they started fighting aliens and whatnot and it kind of got good again. The descriptions were nice but there was some times when Zack would be describing another pilots flight patters and attacks during a battle and you’re kinda thinking, “are you just sitting there, like not doing anything, and not getting attacked?????” Some scenes were poorly executed.

And then they got back to Earth and it was just like …..what…. Zack made a friend when he was recruited–Lex–and she just so happens to be a tech genius at who-knows-what-age because she was introduced in a way that made her seem like she was 21, maybe a little older. But then throughout the book her age just seemed to keep dropping until she came to a stop at the age Zack is. But they got too lucky because as soon as someone would ask a question like, “What if he tracks us to the location?” Zack would be like, “Oh, don’t worry about it. Lex hacked the tracker thingy to keep us off the grid” and then they would be like, “Damn, good thing we have her.” Things were just too perfect too many times.

And someone ended up dying and they could’ve avoided their death. Like everything they were fighting with was able to be remotely operated. So this character set the ‘self destruct’ button and he could’ve done that remotely instead of killing himself in the process. Like, there was no point for that death to happen especially with who the character was… like come on.

But I’m kinda mad/annoyed. I had so many expectations for this book because of Ready Player One and it didn’t meet any of them. It was good idea which is why I gave it the stars I did. But there was a better way to write it.

The ending was overall confusing. That’s a different post altogether. I’m so confused about the ending that I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Like bye.



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