My Website!

Okay, so…

Full Sail has been a ride. Wow. I mean, I’m still on the ride, but it’s been a crazy ten months. I’ve made four friends that I really hope last my lifetime. I love all of them dearly and they’re such characters. Like you can’t write some of the shit they say.

But they’re my creative writing friends and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better.

My classes have been crazy. Every month is a new schedule and I have to update Universal with my new schedule so as to not have complications.

I think it’s been about ten months? Maybe nine. But I’ve finally come to the month where I have to build a website. I’m in my third portfolio class. The last two kind of just focused on revisions but this one I actually have to put some effort into it.

So today after class I finally sat my ass down and built a website.

I used Wix.com which is as awesome as they advertise. Note: make sure to view the template before editing it. I actually edited this one template before viewing it and it turned out to be something I never in my wildest dreams wanted. After an hour of editing, I realized there was no fixing the mess I made so I had to start from scratch with a new template.

I found the template AND I VIEWED IT FIRST. It turned out to be what I wanted to I hit the edit button. It probably took me about two hours to get it done but I’m so happy with the result. It’s subject to change though. I actually did more than was required (I got carried away). But this is the ‘first draft’ so to speak. I can’t wait to see what the end result will be.

View Website Here


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