Kings Rising by C.S. Pacat


kings rising


I hate spoilers but there’s no other way to review this book without them. So here we go:

You FINALLY get a view inside Laurent’s head. It’s not nearly as long as I wanted it to be, but you get to see how his mind works and I’m grateful for that. Like he keeps his walls up as he assess a situation and even then he’s stone-faced at whatever realization he’s come to. It’s normally not a good realization though.

And Damen is a fucking amazing King as I always thought he would be. I’m so proud of my boy. He literally doesn’t do shit to anyone yet he goes through so much shit. And I love Nikandros. He’s the brother Damen should’ve had. I laughed multiple times when he and Damen were conversing. Especially when they were talking about Laurent and Nikandros was like, “I’ve seen him.” It wasn’t in those exact words but it was just funny how well Nikandros knows Damen and his type in people.

If there’s anything to take away from this book, it’s ‘Don’t trust anyone with blond hair and blue eyes’. But eventually Laurent is trustable, but he still has ulterior motives even if he has you (Damen) in his best of heart.

I don’t think I’ll ever get over Laurent’s intelligence. He literally has an action for every possible outcome. -SPOILER- and he literally knew Damen was Damianos the whole time. I kind of saw it coming. I don’t know why. I guess with the way things were going in the book, I just came to the conclusion. So it was no surprise when they exchanged words.

Damen: “I came to tell you who I am.”

Laurent: “I know who you are, Damianos.”

Some part of me was getting annoyed that Laurent knew everything that was coming. I really wanted to see him caught off guard and leave it to Damen to actually do it. When he showed up during Laurent’s hearing in front of the council. Laurent was ready to die. He was convinced that he was going to die. He accepted it. I don’t think I’ll ever get over that he gave up. But then Damen saved the day. (As usual).

I don’t think this will happen for some time, but I really want HBO to take up this trilogy. With the way they execute Game of Thrones they could make this a successful show or movie. I’d rather it be a show so they don’t cut out important details. But if they market it right like they did with GoT, it could become something. I really want to see it live action. I’m scared of whitewashing though. Damen has to be a POC or I’ll have an aneurysm.

Jokaste is something. Wow. I respect her but on the DL because Damen is bae. When she and Laurent had words, that was entertaining. I laughed a lot during that scene. -SPOILER- And then tHE BABY. I was low-key happy that there was going to be a baby Damen but I was also like… “Excuse me?” The savagery of that woman.

The first half of the book had action and action. It was a nice page-turner. But I felt that the second half ran a little slow. Damen and Laurent hooked up I think three times. At times I wanted to skip over it but that’s just a personal thing. It wasn’t that it was explicit, I just don’t like sex in books at all. (Even though I’m guilty of writing a partial sex scene).

Laurent’s hearing was a little strange. It was like “I have compelling evidence against the Regent.” and then when they finished. “Oh, wait, I do too.” It flowed strangely.

BUT DON’T GET ME STARTED WITH THE REGENT. What a nasty fuck. -SPOILER- When Laurent was drunk and said to Damen, “Yes, Uncle.” I fucking knew that that fucker touched my boys’ boy. Like no. I was hoping I was wrong but then it came up in the end and I just wanted to curl in on myself. Disgusting.

I don’t know if it was just me, but Laurent’s affection with Damen throughout the second half of the book was unusual. I know that he only shows Damen that side which is probably why it felt weird. But it just happened really quick. Maybe it was when Laurent closed himself off to Damen after they revealed Damen’s identity. It was kind of uncalled for with the way Laurent gave Damen the cold shoulder after that. Like if Laurent knew that Damen is Damianos, he kind of had no right to be mad. He didn’t have to sleep with him.

I’m kind of jumping all over the place. Oops. -SPOILER- But the battle between Laurent and Kastor was something else entirely. It was symbolic to Damen and Auguste’s fight. I really liked it but at the same time I feel weird about it. It’s hard to put into words.

-SPOILER- And my boy got stabbed! No. That part scared me because Beverly was like “What if I told you someone important died” and I brushed it off at that moment but then Damen got stabbed and I was like. “No. This is it. She wasn’t joking.” But she was. Because with the ringing of the bells, King Damianos of Akelios was born.

Speaking of Beverly. She kept talking about three novellas coming out so I did my own research. On C.S. Pacat’s website she mentions that she’s writing three novellas/short stories to this series. One will be about Jord and Aimeric. Another will be a sort of epilogue to Kings Rising. And the third is a surprise. I really want the third to be about Laurent and Auguste. I want to know the relationship between those two even though it’ll be heartbreaking in the end. But I really want to see Laurent before he became a closed book. I want to see how he would’ve been around Damen had Damen not killed Auguste. Whatever the third one will be, it’ll be good.

C.S. Pacat, if you happen to read this review like you have the other’s, Beverly wanted me to tell you a couple of things:

  1. ‘Laurent’ is the password to her computer.
  2. She has fan art of Laurent as her background image.
  3. Her tag for Laurent on Tumblr is ‘golden prince’.
  4. She didn’t study for her final because she was rereading the trilogy.
  5. You’re why she started reading books again.
  6. And she wants to thank you for ruining her life.

PS. She really wants to know how long their hair is. Like really wants to know. If you have an answer, please tweet me so she and I can finally end our debate.


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