Lorien Legacies Series


It seems so sad to quit this far in.

I started reading this series shortly after The Power of Six came out. I loved the movie (now I hate it) they left so much out.

But year after year I would wait for the next book to come out. And year after year, the actions of the main characters annoyed me. I don’t like Sarah, she pisses me off time and time again.

Six is the only redeemable character in this whole series. But then she gets with Sam and I just want to smash my head through a wall.

The concept had a lot of potential but I’ve lost my interest with it. It’s sad too because I bought all the books (that are out) and now I have to donate them. Oh well.

The last one I read was The Fall of Five. To be quite honest, I can’t even remember what happened in it.


PS. The font on the covers pissed me off too. The only cover it matches with is I am Number Four.


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