Atlantia by Ally Condie

atlantiaIt was most definitely the cover that brought me to read this book. That and the nice tagline: Human voices wake us, and we drown.

So this book follows Rio. She tries to uncover her mother’s death (to find out if it was actually murder). There’s not much mystery behind what it actually was. That part is pretty clear.

She lives Below in a city called Atlantia. They survive solely on the Above, which are people that live on land. The Below are dependent on the Above. The Above send them food and supplies and whatnot.

But Rio is also a siren and in this society sirens are controlled by the council which is a fancy word for ‘government’ or ‘rulers’.

This book is beautiful though. The descriptions are vivid. The need for answers to Rio’s questions are well timed. Sometimes when it comes to questions it can be ‘there were too many questions’ or ‘it was annoying’ but I rather liked it a lot. I tend to ask questions when I write too and I feel she did it the right amount.

I don’t know if the author intended this, but Condie had an underlying message with this story and that is that we’re taking the Earth for granted. We’re not treating it with the same respect it’s treating us. It kind of goes into the whole Above/Below thing.

I enjoyed Ally Condie’s other books, Matched, Crossed, and Reached. This one will be living on my shelf for a long while.

If you’re a fan of sirens, underwater cities, descriptive colors, and the bond between family, this is the book for you. Also if you’ve read the book Rip Tide by Kat Falls, this book falls into that niche.



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