Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat

captive prince.jpgWhen it comes to Fantasy, I’m not a big fan. I keep my reading list composed of several things:

  1. no romance (and if there is it has to be natural)
  2. There has to be an obvious plot from the get go (an inciting incident)
  3. no fairies
  4. no vampires
  5. and sexual things are nonexistent (Game of Thrones is an exception)

Thankfully Captive Prince had no fairies or vampires. But it broke rule 2 and 5 for me. And it kind of slightly broke rule 1.

So far, I’m not rooting for Laurent and Damen to get together, but I know in the other books, that they do get together.

When it comes to plot, you really have to finish the book to reach it. The plot shows itself in chapter 12 of 13. And it’s an interesting plot, I wish it had shown itself sooner.

Rule number 5 was repeatedly broken. Damen was a gift to Prince Laurent as a pleasure slave. But jokes on both of them because Damen is really Prince Damianos (he’s thought to be dead but his brother forced him to become Laurent’s slave and it gets worse because Damen killed Laurent’s brother and Laurent hates Damen for this but doesn’t know that Damen [the slave] is the prince-slayer)

But back to number 5. This book had a lot of talk about rape. It felt like chapters 1-10 were all about Damen’s barbaric and rebellious ways. It was very repetitive. I’m not sure if I want to pick up the second book. Damen never raped anybody, but other characters did and it’s not that it was graphic, I just don’t like rape at all (who would, really?).

Part of me wants to because my friend recommended me this book and also because I want to know what Laurent does when he finds out who Damen actually is.

I’ll read the synopsis of the second one, Prince’s Gambit, and see where my interest takes me.


ps. I feel that maybe this book is more of a prequel, and for that I’d say there’s a 80/20 chance I’ll pick up the second.


pps. The last two chapters are what gave it the four stars instead of three.


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