Cruel Crown by Victoria Aveyard

cruel crown

This book is divided into two novellas: Queen Song and Steel Scars.

Queen Song is about Queen Coriane when she was a girl–and preparing to compete in the Queenstrial (I probably spelt that wrong). It’s told in third person for about 54 pages.

Steel Scars is about Farley. It’s a small prequel that starts a few days/weeks before Mare becomes aware of what she is–Red nor Silver, yet stronger than both.” It’s told in about 100 pages–far too long if you ask me, but I’ll get into that.

4/5 for Cruel Crown
queen song

Queen Song was written in third person as I’ve already said. It followed Queen Coriane before she became queen.

In 54 pages we were told how she came to be queen, with Prince Tiberas Calore the Sixth (I think), falling for her and choosing her as his queen instead of picking the one from the Queenstrial.

It was a little confusing with having so many characters spoken about with the name Tiberas Calore. That would be my only complaint–oh, and that I wish it were longer.

5/5 for Queen Song.steel scars

Steel Scars starts with Farley and Colonel. In this book there were a lot of ‘coded messages’ that were ‘decoded’ they were hard to follow and I skimmed through them at best because certain words just confused me as I’ve said.

This book was a hundred-something pages. I frankly felt it was too long.

Farley was working on her own accord and it was childish in the manner than she did it. She reeked of superior confidence and importance that irritated me a little.

Shade was in this book and explained how those two came to be. Things seemed a little forced between them.

I feel as if Aveyard wrote Steel Scars just to keep her readers happy. I think if Steel Scars had been in Cal’s POV or Maven’s POV or even Queen Elara’s POV, it would’ve been better.

And for this:

3/5 for Steel Scars


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