An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

An Abundance of KatherinesHoly shit am I glad I finished this book. I’m sorry John Green but this is my least favorite book. I only finished it because I’ve read your other books. 

But on to the book itself.

I think a lot of the content of this book went over my head because there’s geometry in it (not my best subject). That’s one of the many reasons why I didn’t like this book. Another reason was that Colin reminded me of my ex and it wasn’t a bad breakup we had, Colin and my ex are really smart, tall, awkward. They were so close that my ex even dated a Katherine. So my review is probably unreliable.

But Colin was so hard to like as a character. He wanted to be known and that’s a problem with John Green’s books. He writes characters that are intelligent and seem to always talk about wanting to be known and remembered. It’s repetitive and kind of annoying now that I think of it. 

This book didn’t seem to have any plot except that Colin had to make his theorem. It was predictable so I knew what was going to happen. I’m just glad that the book is over.

I’m sad to say it’s not staying on my shelf.



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