The Leveller by Julia Durango

The LevellerThe Leveller is a really good book. I somehow bought an advanced readers copy which pissed me off to no end, but I managed to still enjoy this read. I’m sure the final copy is really good.

But this book is written by Julia Durango and it’s the first in two.

I can’t find anything about the second book besides that it’s due to come out sometime this year (2016).

But this book is about a girl that is basically a bounty hunter. She captures kids from this virtual reality called the MEEP and brings them back home to their parents. And she goes on a mission to find the CEO’s son inside the game. She finds him and figures out that he’s not running away, but he’s being held captive.

It was a good book and a good distraction from Glass Sword when I couldn’t digest a certain chapter. I want to buy a proper copy and get rid of my advanced readers copy. (still royally pissed about it)

The one thing that did have me scratching my head was that Nixy (the main character) referred to her mother as Jill sometimes and at other times she used Mom. I hope that was changed in the published copy but other than that, great book.



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