I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

Ill give you the sunUm, okay, wow… I am at a loss of words.

So this book is colorful. It’s–a rainbow literally threw up inside these pages. And what came out isn’t a glob of grey, but a swirl of every color and more. It’s such a beautiful book.

So beautiful.

The book is about Jude and Noah (twins). They used to be inseparable up until the age 13/14. It’s told in alternating chapters where Noah is 13 and where Jude is 16.

Throughout the book you slowly learn what these two did to each other and why they’re not breathing the same air.

With this book, I laughed, smiled, teared up… it brought many emotions out.

I’m absolutely in love with Noah. If I had a twin, I’d want him. He’s such an abstract character. He personifies everything, and compares people to a specific animal. And the conflicts that he had with his sexuality are sad. I kept saying to myself, “Be you Noah!!” And eventually he did.

Jude is a gorgeous character too. She has many layers and is very quirky. She has all these beliefs that sound incredibly insane, but it got a good laugh out of me.

Each character had such a different voice that I’m still trying to figure out how Jandy Nelson managed to create these living people.

Props to you, Nelson.

But this book was a good book to read. I identified with some of the things, especially near the end. But this book… like I said, I’m at a loss of words to describe it with. I’m sure it’ll come to me later.

Everyone has to read this book.



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