Perfect Lies by Kiersten White

12578370Perfect Lies is the second and final installment in the Mind Games duology by Kiersten White. I read Mind Games the year it came out: 2013 and when I heard about the second, I couldn’t wait. Perfect Lies came out two years ago and I finally got a digital download of it so I could finally finish the series. I’m pretty sure I loved Mind Games. Hell, I gave it five stars on Goodreads. Perfect Lies got two. And I was being generous.

Now I may not have likes Perfect Lies as much as I liked Mind Games because of the three year gap between reading them, but Perfect Lies was imperfect in a terrible way. White, I could see, was trying to make Fia a scatterbrained and AD(H)D, and it worked, I could tell Fia was always jittery, but it was done to a degree that it ruined the pacing of the story. Fia liked to repeat herself in fours, in fours, in fours, in fours… its really annoying. White missed the mark when it came to this too. It just didn’t flow right and I found myself skipping over the repetitions just so I could get on to the story.

The last seven chapters is where I actually got invested into it and that’s where the second star comes in, because it got me excited and like “oh shit.” But there was no character development or character arc with Fia at all. She was a stoic character.

Now Annie’s chapters, those are the ones I looked forward to. Annie had a purpose. She had confections. She was a well rounded character and I saw more with a blind character than I did with a seeing character.

The whole book should’ve been in Annie’s POV. That, I think, would’ve earned four stars.

But alas, glad I didn’t buy this book like I was planning on doing.



2 thoughts on “Perfect Lies by Kiersten White”

  1. I’ve read some of Kiersten White’s other books… Paranormalcy, Supernaturally and Endlessly. There was a lot of teen angst in those books. Lots of wit and sarcasm.

    I might go and read them again.


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