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Bloodlines wasn’t my idea. But I didn’t steal it either. I was hanging out with my best friend Beverly. We were in her dorm when she said something like: “So I wrote this thing that’s been on my mind. I just kinda developed it or something.” I asked her if I could read it because I like reading and I’m a writer.

She reluctantly gave me her computer.

It was a story about werewolves and leadership. It was about coming of age. And I loved what she had written. All her ideas and plans.

So I asked her if I could expand on it.

She didn’t believe that I liked it. She thought that I was just saying I liked it, but everything she had worked for a good story. I did add things and change things, like they’re a few years older now.

And with all this planning and developing, Bloodlines was born.

With this story I came across many obstacles that Beverly said I executed nicely. (I’ll find that out when I edit). But I came across many challenges and with these challenges I grew as a writer. I bonded with the characters. They all have their different personality and they all react to situations differently. I created a world that I’m sad to leave. But I believe that’s the best way to complete a book.

I’ve written books before that I absolutely hated near the end and it got to the point where I rushed the ending and now I want to go back and fix those books. Rewrite them with all I know now.

So I’ve been talking about Bloodlines but nobody knows what it’s about. All you know is that it’s a coming of age story.

Here is the synopsis:

All Anna wants to do is run with the wolves, and she’d be able to, if it weren’t for her inability to shift.

Anna Montgomery is a half-breed, meaning, she is only half wolf, half human. And it’s all thanks to her mother for mating with a human. Anna-welcomed by all-is the only of her kind in her pack. She’s loved and accepted but that doesn’t make her feel any better, because now she’s a witness to all wolf activities that she can’t partake in.

She’ll never howl at the moon, or hunt with her pack. All she wants is to run with the wolves.

All Dean wants is to prove his worth as the alpha.

Dean Blackwood is the alpha of the Arizona pack. He gained his position from his bloodline, but that doesn’t matter to some wolves. They don’t think he’s fit as an alpha so he gets challenged many times.

Being challenged isn’t his only problem, unbeknownst, alpha’s from the other four packs interfere and demand things from him. His life and pack, are on the line.

Anna and Dean struggle to find what it means to be human and what it means to be a wolf. And they decide which one will be embraced.

I now have a copy of this book and I have one for Beverly. Over the course of the next month or weeks (who knows) I’ll be reading it and editing it. This is a book I’m so proud of that it need to be almost perfect (perfect works too) before anyone reads it. I also have a sequel in the works. I’m not too sure if I’ll be doing something about it. I have to brainstorm.

I’ll keep you all updated on my progress with Bloodlines


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