shortstorysunday, WhereIsHome?

Where is Home?: Headphones

5:23 PM

I slide my laptop into my bag. I unplug my charger next.

“What do you have going on today?” Mom asks. She leans on the doorframe.

“School.” I grab my journals and toss them in. I grab my book and slide it in. Mom stares at me.

I grab my water and DS and toss them in as well. I slip on my jacket and pull a beanie over my head.

I pass Mom and head into the kitchen. Her footsteps follow. “What time are you off?”

“Don’t know.” I shrug, grabbing a few bags of chips. I walk back to my room. I toss in my ID and make sure I have my debit card as well as Dad’s credit card.

I shove the food in my bag and zip it up.

“Have you and Dad talked? And I don’t mean about having coffee.”

Mom sighs. She looks away as I shove on my shoes. “We have.”

“Like a proper talk? One that lasts more than fifteen minutes?” I straighten up. I slip on my glasses and toss my bag over my shoulder. I grab my car keys.

“We have.”

I look at my shelf one last time. I can’t forget anything. I give my room a once-over. I take my water bottle and walk out of the room. “You should stay tonight and talk longer. Stop avoiding your problems.”

“I’m not avoiding my problems.” She follows me. “I’ll do what I want.”

I set my hand on the handle. “I have to go.”

“Drive safe.”


I open the door and walk to my car.


6:08 PM

I sit outside my class. I set my bag on the floor.

My classmate looks over at me. “Hey Diana.”

“Hey, did you finish the assignment?” I pull out my computer and open up Netflix to finish up my show.

“Yeah. I took the quiz too. It wasn’t too hard.”

“That’s good to hear. I haven’t started it yet.” Unzipping my bag, I search for my headphones. I pull out my snacks and dig my hand inside. “The hell?” I pull out my stuff: my journals, my pen, my book, everything. I keep searching until everything is on the bench beside me.

“I left my headphones at home.”

“That sucks,” she says.

It really does because now I have to go back.


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