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News That’s New

So I’ve been waiting to make this post for a while now, but then something else happened and I had to wait further. I finally have time to sit down a write, so here I am. Sitting. Writing. And I’ll be writing news that is still unbelievable.

There’s this website called goodreads.com I’m an avid visitor and one day, at home. I was bored. So I typed in Hybrid Killers in the search bar on Good Reads and what do you know, my book showed up. There was no cover for the book, or any information. There was just the description, title, and author name… C.R. Walker. I clicked it, and what do you know? I had an author page. There was a book on the page that didn’t belong to me, but I dealt with that.

There was this link that said “is this you?” and it was so I clicked it, filled out a confirmation page and waited for it to be reviewed. They got back to me in several hours and I’m an author on GoodReads now.

My Author Account

I added photos and bios to the book and my page. I answered questions to get myself started. I’m obviously undiscovered, and have no ratings at all on GoodReads, but I didn’t expect to.

Hybrid Killers

Just being on GoodReads and recognized as an author is enough to satisfy me for the time being.

But I have other news too.

Around this time I was wrapping up my Creative Skills Development class at Full Sail. The Professor wanted us to submit one of our works for publication. I was all…what the hell am I going to submit… none of my works felt worthy enough. But my friend TJ in the class, said that one of my works was his favorite so far. I made the necessary edits, reread it a few times and I actually started to love it a little bit.

So I submitted it.

And a week later I received this email:12010581_890880164293592_6441322367666774867_o.jpg

It took me a second to process but when I did…

So it was time for me to wait for my piece to be uploaded into the next issue. I did a little research and on November 6, 2015 my story was published online.

The Mailbox

I have yet to print and frame this. When I get my own office it will be up there as my first published piece. I’ll probably look to it for inspiration. It’ll always be there, reminding me that I got published at 19.



1 thought on “News That’s New”

  1. We’re proud to have been your first publication! If you’re only 19 and producing writing like this then you have a long and awesome road ahead of you! We look forward to reading more of your work! Good luck and stay weird!
    -Bryan Crumpley of Dali’s Lovechild

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