Short Story Sunday

So I’ve been thinking about doing a little weekly thing, or random thing. It was going to be called Short Story Sunday, where every Sunday or any Sunday there will be a short story posted that I’ve written recently or in the past.

It’s mainly going to be snippets from my books or actual stand-alone pieces. The length will vary depending on how old it is. My older stuff tends to be much shorter than my new stuff. There will also be ideas for new books that I’ll be posting. I’d like to hear feedback on my stuff, good or bad. I assume my readers will have read my criticism post by now.

My first Sunday post will be a few minutes after this one. I know it’s not Sunday anymore, but I’ve not slept yet so it still feels like Sunday to me. I hope you all like what’s to be posted. It’s a favorite of mine. I wrote it just last week for my creative writing class.


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