So editing has to be one of the most boring things to do. My eyes see doubles when I stare at the screen for too long and they sometimes water. The only good thing about editing is forgetting something you written and getting curious as to what’s going to happen next. That’s partly the reason why I’ve put off editing one of my books for a year. It’s a book I’m very proud of so I wanted to make sure that I forgot most of it before I started reading it again. I started editing the other day and it was a complete accident how it started. I was just checking my opening line to make sure it had a hook (it does) and I couldn’t stop reading. Two days later and I’m 196 pages in out of 382. There’s a little over 72,000 words that I have to go through. But its good. It took me a little over a year to write this particular book so the pacing a different from what I remember. There have been many corrections as I was expecting. It’s also a reason why I put off editing so long.

Something that played a major role in editing so soon is a book I was recommended by my high school literature teacher. He told me about the Writer’s Digest books: Writer’s Market. I checked the book out at my school library but it was about finding the right agent. I started reading it and it made me think of things to check in my novel before I speak to an agent (I have two lined up right now). I’m still looking for more, but having two is a start. Reading that book got me involved in my novel. I haven’t finished reading yet, but I’m going to buy the new edition shortly. But I have started to do research and I found this interesting info-graphic on the Writer’s Digest website. You can click the link to see it on the website or just scroll below.how-to-publish-your-book

I haven’t analyzed it yet but it is a plan of mine to do so. I really want to get my work out there and I’ll do anything possible accomplish that. I’ve never wanted anything more.


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