Make Way, I’m Coming!!

I’m having a hard time thinking of something to write. In reality I’m a dreamer. It doesn’t take me long to leave Earth and enter my own world. While I’m away I come up with scenes to write or sometimes a whole book idea. It’s exciting, but troubling when I have nothing to write it down. You’ll always see me with my iPod or (rarely) a notebook and pen. I like writing in pen when it comes to my ideas because then I can’t erase it, just cross it out and then I can always go back to the idea. It works for everybody. But my name is Carly Walker. I’m soon to be a freshman at Full Sail University, studying the art of writing. I’m trying to make it into this world by having a career and not a job. And I think I’ll make it, so make some room, because I’m coming, and my entrance won’t be quiet.


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